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This journal has been prepared to prove astrology. In the first part, there are simple step-by-step directions to enable the reader to start interpreting the heavens in relation to themself. By following the instructions and using the journal in the second part, Cosmic Journal reveals the patterns and cycles of life by showing the reader when to look, where to look, and what to look for. Cosmic Journal will reveal the individual obstructions and unspoken goals which are really directing our lives. Cosmic Journal is ground-breaking.


Never before has astrology been able to be proved. Only now is it possible because nationally there is a basic level of maths knowledge, planetary tables are freely available and now this book can show the interested person exactly what they need to do.


Astrology was not unprovable because it was rubbish. Astrology remained unproven because of circumstance. Now, however, the time has come that this natural science can be recognized as a valid science.


Alongside proving astrology, Cosmic Journal shows how to work with astrology. Working with astrology, as astrologers do, will enable people to learn a lot more about themselves, in the privacy and comfort of their home. Astrology strengthens our individuality and our uniqueness. It is a powerful tool.


There is a webpage for the findings of individuals who are using the journal. The information in this website will be regularly collated so people will see easily what the results are. Soon we will have a difinitive knowledge of whether the Planets effect us.





“Cosmic Journal is very practical and usable. This book is exactly what you need if you have ever wondered about the validity of astrology but your sceptical mind stops you from going on courses or delving too deep. It is evident Rikki is a pioneer among astrologers and wants you to gain the same insights she has come to. This book is one example of how she distils a complex process into a fun, step-by-step method so you can gain your own insights. I highly recommend you USE this book to prove to yourself if astrology is real in your life.”                                                                             

Author, Coach & Mindfulness Teacher: QC Ellis



“I loved using the cosmic journal. I’m a long-time fangirl of astrology. There’s something magical about the stars, and  observing and feeling the interplay with your own personal star chart was deeply profound and truly insightful. I went from a reactive ‘ahh’ to a more proactive stance, able to understand and navigate the landscape before me. This journal brings understanding and wisdom and everyone will find it of benefit.”                                                                           

Sue Lancaster, The Somatic
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I use ASTRONOMICAL ASTROLOGY. This is a unique astrological structure which brings together the Sidereal and Tropical zodiacs, to give readings that are deeper and more accurate.


Apart from the beautiful, hand-painted astrology charts, I draw up birth charts in the same way Nostradamus did. Not always by candle-light...but with a compass, protractor and tables. The original mathematical formula for calculating in-depth horoscopes breaks open the intuitive function and leads to incredibly insightful readings.



ink and metal on rice paper


painted birth chart

painted horoscopes

Initial and Return. Readings/ Skype or Messenger/ Written. Single, Couples & Family


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