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Fishtail Arts & Astrology uses permanent ink on rice paper, with metal leaf embellisments, to create vibrant and long-lasting art with astrology as its theme. Here are a few examples of astrological maps on the top row and individual horoscopes on the bottom row.


There are also maps of Jupiter's conjunction with the Sun over 20 years, Venus and sun conjunctions over 5 years, (revealing the pentagram) and Mars and Sun conjunctions too. There are maps of the sidereal zodiac, the tropical zodiac or the astronomical zodiac and maps of these together. You can choose the astrological map of the heavens that most excites you. If you want something in particular - with colour or details- please contact me and ask; the maps are approximately 225mm x 225mm and they are all £65 - includes p&p


The painted individual horoscopes can be coloured using the symbolism of Venus in the horoscope or by any combination of colours that you choose.  These paintings are aapproximately 225mm x 225mm. The painted horoscopes are £90 - includes p&p

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You can use the form on the contact page to indicate the colours of the maps or horoscopes you want as well as giving the date, time (preferably) and place of birth. Also include your name as it appears in  paypal. You can expect your hand drawn horoscope, maps, readings and transits within 10 days of ordering. Or use this form to subscribe to the Arts & Astrology Alive! blog.


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