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Fishtail Arts & Astrology has published some gorgeous and delightful books on astrology. They are all available on Amazon and in occult bookshops around the country. You can also buy them here, if you want a signed copy with a handmade bookmark.


COSMIC JOURNAL - Proof Astrology Works   £20

published 2018


272 pages 

b&w illustrations

11 x 8.5"

This ground-breaking book is for beginners and cynics alike. The first section has step-by-step instructions on how to use your own birth horoscope like astrologers do. You will learn how to watch transits of the Planets today as they cross your own horoscope. With explicit instructions of when to look, what to look for and where to look you will be able to prove to yourself that astrology is valid and the Planets influence you. 


The second section includes all the journalling pages. These pages are arranged in a sensible order. Each page has a verse which will help you know what to look for and at the beginning of each Planet's chapter there is a full description of the effects of that Planet in your life. Also, on each journalling page, there is a medallion with the symbol of that transit. Coupled with the diagrams of all the symbols in the first section, you will soon learn to read horoscopes like an astrologer. 


Whilst working with Cosmic Journal you will be able to see the proof of astrology, in black and white, before your eyes. There is also a webpage dedicated to people working with their transits, to share their findings. Please do get involved.



You can now buy a simple hand drawn horoscope with the list of  astrological data you will need, for following your transits. There is also an option to buy 1 months worth of your, personalized, coming transits. See SHOP



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Raphaels Ephemeris for the coming year is a beautiful pamplet too. Buy yours here......


COSMIC JOURNAL - Proof Astrology Works   £30                                HARDBACK 

published 2018          

272 pages

b&w illustrations

11 x 8.5"


How to Follow Your astrological Transits           £10

published 2018


b&w illustrations

54 pages


This incredible manual has all the informations and explicit instructions you need to follow your transits. This process is called 'delineation' and is one of the main working practices of astrologers. Through following your transits you will see your own patterns of behaviour that were previously hidden. You will become aware of feelings, thoughts, inspirations, needs and desires that are helping or hindering you. You will become aware of the workings of your own mind.





The Astrologers' Journal for Recording Transit                           HARDBACK                                £30    published 2018

colour illustrations

238 pages

8.5 x 11"

This beautiful journal will be an inspiration to all astrologers. The medallions are on each page with a verse exemplifying the essence of each transit. As an astrologer I made this book for me. It is perfect in size and lay out. It is lush and usuable.



AGE OF THE FISHTAIL                                    £8

published 2013

146 pages

b&w illustrations

6 x 9"

This book has taken apart the structure of astrology and married it back with astronomy. It brings the sidereal and tropical zodiacs together in a new, ever-lasting Astronomical zodiac and shows how the root of both zodiacs has given rise to the interpretations of tropical and sidereal astrology. A beautifully written book that even my mother-in-law understood and enjoyed reading.


Rikki Blythe


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